Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BIOME: a new open access magazine from BioMedCentral

BioMedCentral introduces their new online magazine, Biome.  Read the BMC's review to learn more about the content provided in this new open access publication:

"Biome is an online magazine that will provide biologists, medical researchers and clinicians with the latest research topics, discussions and community news from the entire spectrum of medicine and biology. Published by BioMed Central, Biome will regularly report on specially significant research articles, reviews and commentaries that appear daily in BioMed Central’s open access journals, all of which are fully peer reviewed.

Features in Biome will focus on findings that are of particular interest to a broad readership, with research synopses, author Q&As, researcher profiles and other features aimed at making new results and insights more easily accessible to scientists and clinicians working on other areas of research.

With guest blogs and specifically commissioned comments, Biome will also provide a forum for discussions about current political, scientific or medical issues, and new developments relating to open access publishing, or Science, Technology and Medicine in general."

This title is freely available via the Internet;  if publisher permits, it will be added to the Library's ejournal portal.

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