Friday, March 7, 2014

Clinical Access-- Product Trial Extended

Trial access to McGraw-Hill's evidence-based point-of-care resource, Clinical Access, has been extended to run through May 4th. 

Links from the text in Clinical Access lead to sources of the summarized information-- AccessMedicine, DrugPoints, PubMed and McMaster University’s McMaster Plus evidence database. 

You can explore Clinical Access fully without using your Library log-in: just go to .  Once there, log in to Clinical Access with
user name:  hamtmc 
password: medicine

If you are already logged in with the library and want to take a look at Clinical Access, simply go to .   

If you are in AccessMedicine, AccessSurgery or AccessEmergencyMedicine, you can also click on Clinical Access in the page header or footer, under Sites, to get in.

When you’ve investigated this database, please take a few minutes to tell us what you think of Clinical Access, by taking a short survey hereYour feedback is valuable!

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